Our ambassadors

Magnus Poirier Signature network

The Magnus Poirier Signature network is an event and funeral planning service.

Thanks to our many ambassadors and our turnkey service, the Magnus Poirier Signature team will guide you and take care of all organizational aspects and complementary services, such as the musical accompaniment, the catering menu, the choice of flowers, the publication of death notices in various media and all computer graphics and multimedia production services.

These partners are handpicked to ensure your event is successful and memorable and meets all your requirements, whether the setting you want is serious or celebratory.

A new ambassador has been added to our network to better serve our clientele located in the Laurentians: Les Sentiers commémoratifs de la rivière.


LesSentiers commémoratifs de la rivière

Laval Cemetery joined with Les Sentiers commémoratifs de la rivière natural cemetery of Prevost to meet the environmental and ecological expectations of our clientele in the Laurentians.

This low-ecological-impact cemetery is reserved exclusively for cinerary urns and offers all the services of a traditional cemetery, but with an eco-friendlier mission.