Maria Goretti Chapel

A place of gathering, meditation and celebration for families and friends. The chapel is located in the heart of the Porta del Paradiso mausoleum.

In homage to Saint Maria-Goretti:

The chapel was named Maria-Goretti, in homage to the "sweet little martyr of purity", Saint Maria-Goretti.

This saint is very important in the hearts of many Quebecers of all origins. From May 20 to June 5, 2012, for the very first time in its history, the reliquary of Saint Maria-Goretti left Italy for a pilgrimage through Québec and Ontario.

To mark this unique event, the Laval Cemetery organized a commemorative ceremony in honour of the Saint on May 20, 2012.  Hundreds of pilgrims were able to gather in front of the reliquary displayed in the heart of the Porta del Paradiso mausoleum, which was officially inaugurated.

The logistics of the pilgrimage were generously provided by Magnus Poirier.