Funeral prearrangements

Predicting the stages of life means wise, flexible and safe funeral planning.

Why you should plan your funeral arrangements:

  • To save your loved ones from having to make important decisions during the stressful time of bereavement.
  • To benefit from the peace of mind that comes from making informed decisions free from traumatic events.
  • To plan wisely and avoid increases in the cost of living.
  • To have your last wishes carried out so your loved ones don’t have to guess.
  • Flexible payment methods are available.
  • You can change or cancel the contract at any time.

Prearranged Funeral Services Act: 

For your information, we encourage you to read the following text explaining the terms and conditions of the Prearranged Funeral Services Act (Act Respecting Prearranged Funeral Services and Sepultures):

What protects your capital and ensures that services will be rendered?

The Prearranged Funeral Services Act is very clear on the subject.

It stipulates that the sums paid must be kept safe and that the prices must be "frozen" (maintained). It also requires the seller (funeral business) to deposit 90% of the sums received in a trust account within 45 days of collecting them. The law allows the seller to retain the other 10%.

As a result, the amounts so collected cannot be used for other purposes, which ensures that amounts will be available in the future to provide you with the funeral services described in the Pre-arrangement.

A letter from the trustee confirming the deposit, in an account in your name, of the amounts paid to the funeral business is your assurance that these sums cannot be used for other purposes.

The law prohibits funeral companies from including an indexation clause (at the cost of living) in contracts. The Act also provides for the recovery of amounts paid if you wish to terminate your contract.

Can you cancel a prearrangement agreement?

Yes. It may be canceled at any time at the discretion of the buyer for a 10% penalty under the Act Respecting Prearranged Funeral Services and Sepultures. The contract signed at your home can also be canceled within 30 days without costs or penalty.


* Beyond what is stipulated in the Act, Laval Cemetery will repay 100%, instead of 90%, of the amounts disbursed for a funeral plan at all times.