Frequently asked questions

Questions and answers

Yes, it is possible to identify the deceased and be alone with him/her and your thoughts before the cremation.

The burial of ashes is usually postponed until spring.

The burial of remains takes place year-round. 

Contact us immediately by calling 450-661-7017. We will be able to assist you and help you make funeral arrangements that meet your requirements.

Currently, Laval Cemetery do not charge any maintenance fee.

Prearrangement allow you to reserve lots at the current price without any price increase in the future. Then, you can provide, choose and reserve specifics spaces for all members of your family.

Several methods of payment are accepted: cash, check, credit cards, debit card and electronic payment (Paypal, electronic transfer).

A cemetery is a place of contemplation and perpetual remembrance for all those who will remain forever in your heart; th Laval Cemetery perpetuates this mission.

You have chosen a burial place that expresses your desire to preserve their memory, and this symbolic gesture will be commemorated by this monument.

When your contract expires, you can renew your agreement. Contact our administrative office to ensure that your contact information is up to date.

The remains will be buried in a common grave.

The cemetery is open all year long, seven days a week. The open hours are 8am to 5pm.

*To meet special needs of its customers, some activities at the Cemetery can be schedule after regulars hours. Reservation required.

We can help you to organize a celebration or a tribute. Ask to meet one of our event organizer.

Need help to write and read a tribute during funerals? We can help you. Ask to your counselor.

Before to do any intervention on your lots, please contact the administrative office to know the rules regarding the decoration of the or see th section Cemetery rules.