Reception service

Catering service

The services of a number of reputable caterers are available and may be ordered. They can provide an array of meal services, which are served in the Maria Goretti marquee.

Reception service in the Maria Goretti marquee

The Maria Goretti marquee is located in a sublime setting, beautifully landscaped with giant fountains that empty into two large pools of water, used to capture rainwater and divert it to the automatic sprinkler system.

This beautiful landscape is available to you whether you are inside the marquee or out on the spacious, comfortable patio where you can relax.

  • Throughout the summer, every Sunday morning coffee, cookies and pastries are served.
  • Make a reservation: You can receive guests for funeral and memorial events (a deceased parent, a reception after the funeral, a family reunion after a funeral or a gathering to commemorate the anniversary of a death). No matter the number of guests, you will enjoy the exclusivity of the venue.

Our team will help you plan a successful and memorable event. This country site will charm your guests!

  • Available from May 1 to October 31
  • Capacity: 150 people

For more information, please see marquees or contact us by phone at  (450) 661-7017  or by e‑mail