Cimetière Laval

Mausoleums and crypts

The mausoleums

Laval Cemetery currently has five magnificent mausoleums:  St. Vincent de Paul, Our Lady of Pompei, St. Michael the Archangel, Porta del Paradiso, which hosted the reliquary of Santa Maria-Goretti in 2012, and lastly, San Pardo, inaugurated on November 4, 2017. 

Sumptuous and spacious funerary buildings, these premises house numerous crypts, columbaria and private chapels (private family vaults).

These meaningful sites ensure the mission and longevity of the Laval Cemetery for future generations.

The crypts

A crypt is a location inside a mausoleum in which the deceased is laid to rest in a casket.

The purchase of a crypt has many advantages: in addition to ensuring the preservation of the body, the crypt makes visitation problem-free. It is accessible seven days a week, summer and winter, and is sheltered from bad weather.

With the purchase of a crypt, the inscription, the photo of the deceased, a lamp and two vases are included.

The crypt is sold in perpetuity (99 years). Unlike other cemeteries, the Laval Cemetery renews automatically for 99 years at no charge.

Whether it's a single, double or quadruple crypt, a child's crypt or a private family chapel, we have the place for you.

Prices start at $11,000.


San Pardo and Porta Del Paradiso Mausoleums:

The Porta del Paradiso mausoleum, inaugurated in 2012, and the San Pardo mausoleum, inaugurated in 2017, are located among beautiful gardens, which include two ponds that collect rainwater and irrigate a large part of the landscaping.

Modern, innovative and environmentally friendly in design, these mausoleums use geothermal energy, a first in Quebec.




The Porta Del Paradiso and San Pardo Gardens


The Mausoleum of Saint Michael the Archangel

The Mausoleum of St. Michael the Archangel is awash with a beautiful natural light that bathes the mausoleum in serenity.


The Mausoleum of Our Lady of Pompei

The Mausoleum of Our Lady of Pompei has been completely renovated.

It offers, among other things, oversized crypts to meet the demand.


The Mausoleum of St. Vincent de Paul

The Mausoleum of St. Vincent de Paul, built in 1986, brings together private family chapels and crypts for children in a serene and peaceful atmosphere.

Renovation work was started in the fall of 2017 and will resume soon to beautify the premises.


Indoor columbaria

Either glazed (translucent glass) or marbled (opaque marble), columbaria are places where cinerary urns are deposited.

• Located in our mausoleums, the indoor columbaria are accessible every day.

• The capacity of a niche can vary from one to four urns.

• May be customized with memorial items such as photos or mementos.

• The price of the location, the compartment called the niche, depends on its height, size and the desired rental period (period of 25, 50 or 99 years).


Would you prefer an outdoor site? Visit the Columbaria>> section.

La statue de l'immigrant

The statue of the Immigrant

Inspired by a sculpture by the Italian sculptor and painter Mario Cavaliere* and on display in historical Larino, in the Molise region of Italy, the statue entitled the Immigrant was inaugurated on November 4, 2017, during the opening of the San Pardo Mausoleum to highlight the important role of immigrants in Canada.

Immigration has played a crucial role in Canada's history and changed the face of the country, which is why the Poirier family and the Laval Cemetery are proud to demonstrate, through the statue of the Immigrant, the importance of the role that immigrants have played in the economic, social and cultural building of the Canada, Quebec, Montreal and Laval of today


"Be proud, you left your country despite the obstacles and difficulties. You have honoured this country and we celebrate this new land as your new home."

Jacques Poirier - November 4, 2017

* Mario Cavaliere (Bojano, August 15, 1936 - Bojano, February 17, 1996). He was a sculptor and painter.